Types Of Services

I offer a wide range of services, below is a list of nail services that I offer. For custom services, please call (858) 344-6435.




Gel Coating

Gel Soak Off

Full Set

Pink & White Set

Pink & White Fill

And more...

Glitter Color Set

Glitter Color Fill

Designed Tip Set

Acrylic Set

Acrylic Fill

Designed Tip Set

Nail Repair

Cut Down

Parafin Wax
for Hands & Feet

This treatment creates a thick coating that will retain heat for several minutes. As the wax hardens, the paraffin's natural emollient softens skin and the heat opens pores. When the cooled wax is pulled away from the skin, it also removes dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother.

The Benefits
that Paraffin provides

Paraffin wax treatments are also beneficial to dry, cracked hands and feet. Paraffin is an excellent moisturizer because it forms a light waterproof coating over your skin that helps it retain the oils produced by your body. This "waterproofing" makes paraffin treatments great for soothing and healing dry, cracked skin -- particularly winter-worn hands and feet -- because

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